Choose a ductless heat pump

Why? An efficient ductless mini-split heat pump is an effective way to heat and cool your home. Mini-split heat pumps can cool or heat several rooms at different preferred temperatures without having ducts installed. Since these systems do not rely on leak-prone ducts, much less energy is lost during distribution.
How it works:
  • There are at least two units to a ductless, mini-split heat pump: the outside condenser and the inside wall-mounted air-handling units. Most systems also include a hand-held remote control.
  • There are two pipes connecting the indoor and outdoor units. The refrigerant coils outside pull heat from the air, then pipe the refrigerant to the air handlers in the house.
  • Inside, the refrigerant releases the heat into the air, then blows it into the room.
  • The process is reversed to cool your home.
  • You can install multiple air handlers to heat or cool multiple rooms with one single outdoor unit.

Things to think about: Make sure you purchase the most efficient ductless heat pump to maximize your energy savings. Replacing your heating and cooling system with an ENERGY STAR® certified ductless system could cut your heating and cooling costs by 30%. Visit for details.

Good to know:


  • Be sure to look at Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) ratings when comparing different systems — the higher the SEER and HSPF, the better.
  • Unlike older models, newer units maintain their ability to effectively heat space even when it’s very cold outside.
  • An experienced local contractor will be able to recommend models. For tips on how to choose a contractor, visit


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Save up to $120 per year

Up-front costs: Varies

Rebate: BGE offers rebates from $200 to $600 for ductless heat pump equipment. Visit to learn more.